Choosing the Perfect Holiday Destination

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Everyone loves a holiday, but how on earth do you choose the perfect place to go? There are so many possibilities and lots of options out there.

First off, think about WHEN you want to go on holiday – this is likely to influence the location.  For instance, if you love a hot holiday, and want to go away during June-August, you can choose somewhere which is hot at this time.  Equally, if you do not like the heat, you can choose somewhere cooler.

The things you like to do on holiday will also be a factor – if you like to relax on a beach, or next to a pool, you will need to choose somewhere with a decent beach and gorgeous weather! If you are more of a history/culture person, you can choose a cool new city to explore!


The Best Things About Cruise Holidays

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I love a cruise, and it is interesting that lots of people have never really thought about going on one. Here are some of the main things I love about cruising:

1. Food – you will never go hungry on a cruise! The vast majority of cruise ships have many restaurants, cafes and bars in for you to grab some food.  You have so much choice – you could sit down to a lovely breakfast on your balcony, have a snack mid morning, grab a slice of pizza for lunch and then enjoy a 5 course meal in the formal dining room! Not to mention that the food is often available 24 hours a day….

2. Lots of different places – you visit more than one place on a holiday on a cruise. It is really cool getting to visit several places in the space of a few days, all with no need to look at a map!

3. Hassle free – everything about a cruise is designed to make your holiday as easy as possible. You do not need to fuss with luggage (someone else takes it to your room), you don’t need to worry about transfers or car hire and you certainly don’t need to worry about how to get to the next stop!